Brochure Holders

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A4 Brochure Holder
    “A stable, single sided, modern display unit” Modern black and grey colour schemePunched pocket design to keep weight downComplete with a protective padded carry bag ..
    “A stable, single sided, modern display unit” ...
TZS236,000.00 Ex Tax: TZS200,000.00
Magazine Rack
Stylish rack for your favourite magazines. In this magazine stand you can display them nicely arranged vertically and easily at your fingertips..
Stylish rack for your favourite magazines. In this magazine stand you c...
TZS177,000.00 Ex Tax: TZS150,000.00
Acrylic  brochure Holders  Single step
Acrylic  brochure Holders  Single step ..
Acrylic  brochure Holders  Single step .....
TZS5,900.00 Ex Tax: TZS5,000.00
Acrylic brochure Holders three steps
Acrylic brochure Holders three steps..
Acrylic brochure Holders three steps.....
TZS17,700.00 Ex Tax: TZS15,000.00
Acrylic brochure Holders two steps
Acrylic brochure Holders two steps..
Acrylic brochure Holders two steps.....
TZS11,800.00 Ex Tax: TZS10,000.00
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