High-end document presentation

UniCovers are high-quality hardcover books. They are the

perfect solution if you want to create customized, permanently

bound and durable presentation materials. With the UniBinder

binding systems you can crimp the spine for an optimal fit. The

UniCover Hard is available in A5, A4 and A3 in different colors

Features and Benefits

• Perfect presentation directly reflects

the high quality of the products and

services you provide

• Customize the impression you make

on customers and prospects with a

beautiful presentation

• The metallic cover gives your

document more brightness

• Up to 340 sheets can be bound

using only 4 spine sizes

• The spine will be crimped to a

perfect finished spine

• The steel spine guarantees a solid,

durable binding

• The crimping movement pushes the

paper extra in the binding resin for a

guaranteed binding quality

• Your documents can be edited

quickly and easy


• annual reports

• board meetings

• legal documents

• notebooks

• menu cards

• company profiles

• contracts


TZS29,500 Ex Tax: TZS25,000
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